Video poker is an interesting casino game that mimics the gameplay of traditional poker. However, this game is played through a machine that resembles the tradition fruity slot machine. Unlike traditional poker, players can only interact with video poker through a screen. The game is based on 5-card poker. If you want to learn more about playing online casino games, you should check out

How to play video poker

You can decide to play video poker on the video poker machine, however, if you prefer convenience, you can decide to play video poker at an online casino. The gameplay is quite simple as you only need to get a combination that matches a set of combinations provided by default in the game. To get started, all you need to do is to set a bet aside.

As soon as you hit the bet button, 5 cards will be shuffled to you. You can decide to discard some or all of the card for new ones if you are not satisfied with the first shuffle. After the second shuffle, your hand will be compared against the default hand combination and when there is a match you are paid accordingly. Some of the default hand combination include

  • Royal flush
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind

Of all the combinations, the royal flush pays the highest as it contains King, Queen, Jack, Ace and 10. Although, it pays high, this combination is the hardest to find. Another combo is full house. This includes a pair and three of a kind with similar suits. There is also four of a kind which includes four cards of the same suit. This also pays high.

How to identify a good online casino

If you prefer to play your game at an online casino, you will be faced with several choices, however, there are some pointers you can look into to help find the best online casinos. For a start, you should look for the licensing details of the online casino. This license must be offered by a well known gambling authority to ensure the online casino is genuine.

Claiming welcome bonus.

When you register at an online casino, you may be offered welcome bonus for you to start betting with. In some cases, these bonuses are added to your account automatically however, in other cases, you will need to provide a bonus code to claim the bonus. However, you should be mindful of the wagering requirements that may be set on the welcome bonus

Video poker strategy

When you start playing video poker, you will realise that the game is a combination of luck and skill. If you are new to the game, you can try out some poker simulators to help improve your skill. These simulators have input pointers to teach you how to make decision in different poker scenarios. Not only that, you can also play the free version of the game

  • Poker simulators are helpful in training

Best hand poker strategy

Apart from training with a simulator, there are some strategies you should know. These are simple actions that can improve your chances of winning. An example is knowing when to keep cards and discard them. You should never keep cards to target high paying combinations. Reason being that, these hands are very hard to come by. Focus on small wins and watch it compound.

Final thoughts on video poker.

Video poker is an interesting casino game that is played like traditional casino poker. However, you will only be playing this game through a screen. Unlike the traditional casino, there is no dealer. Your goal is to match a set of default combinations. When you match any of these combinations, the corresponding payment is added to your bankroll. You should check out video poker today.